Supporting The Family-Centric Professional

The Mayflower Organization for Research and Education (MORE) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization creating professional opportunities for under-served segments of the community. Our focus is helping individuals work asynchronously -- through a web site, or remote management of activities -- allowing for a better balance between income-generation and family life. The Mayflower Organization for Research and Education (MORE) facilitates the transition that such individuals must undergo professionally and psychologically in order to be successful. MORE provides resources, including access to mentoring, technical expertise and the support of other women who have made similar transitions in their own professional lives. MORE is a provider of charitable services to a highly marginalized segment of society.

For those professionals who wish to innovate through research activities, MORE provides an organizational structure to facilitate applications for grant funding, resident collaborations and laboratory space. For those who are of a more entrepreneurial bent, MORE recognizes that risk capital is often "family-unfriendly" with regard to work hours. Even more to the point, risk capital is unavailable to projects with only modest growth potential, particularly when such projects intend to ramp up to their first dollar slowly. Over the past decade the founders of MORE have developed a way to support the development of successful projects at a deliberate pace -- thereby leveraging the untapped potential of part-time work from women who have chosen to make their families their first priority.

Recent Updates

Education Partners: The Mayflower Organization for Research and Education now partners with The University of Chicago and Texas University at San Antonio, offering online continuing medical education programs to health professionals nationwide.

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